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Paola Giacomelli's opinion

"Travelling is a bit as making a film".

Our memory records, like a film, the images that we see along the way and, when time goes by, lost the first, faded frames it preserves the other. Only the most vivid ones remain, those that gave us more excitement, the more intense feelings.
If you want to remember, years later, every inch and every corner you visited nothing is better than taking excursions into green paths and in that tranquillity riding a bike or a mountain bike.
A few years ago I was in Salsomaggiore but committed as I was with the Miss Italia contest, I didn't realize how beautiful was the nature around me.

Now that I've been back I discover with amazement how ideal it is to regenerate and how delightful is the sight of these charming hills so green and restful. To enjoy a vacation you must dive into the gorgeous panorama that, like a stretched Venus, offers to its visitors her profile and her curves.
Riding the bike on those enjoyable trails regenerate the spirit, gives tone to body and mind, frees of tensions and stress.

Did I arouse your curiosity?
Have I been able to describe, in few words, how you can gently free yourself of the stress thanks to an healthy physical activity?

Here you can regain your better look, combining sport with thermal treatments. Regaining your well being means also being fond of yourself and treating your body as the most precious wrapping, rediscovering your balance and harmony through the nature.
Every now and then I come back here and every time I discover a new biking path where you can also walk. Sometimes, maybe we'll meet, in the tranquillity of this countryside, free from pollution.

And, in that case…don't forget to say hello!
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